How to Market Yourself

How to market yourself as a personal assistant will take time and experience. Since I have been in admin assistant roles my whole  career, it is my professional experience that speaks for itself.

How to market yourself - the personal assistant blog

But if your intention is to stand out in a sea of competitive PA‘s seeking the best experience and opportunity, it will be up to you to offer something else that no one else does.

A unique skill I bring into my work is having competed as a National Physique competitor. My competition years, although few always comes up in my interviews and is seen when recruiters or business owners do a Google search on me.

What makes this a unique skill is that in personal assisting, you will get to know all the goals that your boss wants to obtain. I happen to always work with people who either have a fitness goal or some level of commitment to their health. Having great knowledge about nutrition and fitness to reach goals has been a great asset. I have experienced the ability to grow my relationships with my bosses.

So think of something that you enjoy doing, knowing that if it is a skill you continue to develop, you can most likely work it into your profile and make you stand out.

Some skills that are great to have in our current market place are the following:

  • A keen interest in creating an internet presence. Maybe you know the top social networks and can Tweet or post on behalf of your boss or the company they own.
  • Blogging. This is one of my strengths, clearly, as you are reading this site! It’s a great way to market yourself and continue to sharpen your skill. Sharing these skills is important. You want to promote your creative talents so don’t hold back.
  • Graphics. I decided to take a Photoshop class. I have to admit, it has come in handy. It’s just one of those things that it may seem like a hobby or personal interest, but it may benefit you in the office.

If for some reason you don’t think you have a unique skill to market and make you stand out above the rest, I have a hard time believing it. Every person has a special skill or creative gift that comes naturally. You just want to ask yourself how you can possibly work this into your professional portfolio.

Also, knowing how to market yourself is crucial if you are trying to grow your career and your income. You already know this is a unique job. There are not a lot of people who have a deep desire to become a personal assistant. For some reason it really interests you, so I am hard pressed to think you have nothing extra to offer.

The personal assistant is special in that depending on who your boss is, you might have before you the opportunity that can shift you into a role that has not even yet been created. Meaning, your special talents can mean you take on projects that utilize your creative gifts. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

So, if you’re dismayed in any way and start to stress that you HAVE TO have an extra skill to make you special, don’t be. It is not a requirement, but it will help you rise (rather easily if I say so myself) above the rest. If you have any questions on how to define or determine that special trait, email me! I’d love to connect with you.

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